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After the earthquake hit northeast Japan on March 11, 2011, many touching stories that I saw with my own eyes happened around me.

I had to walk home since all the31 had stopped after the quake. On my way home I32 an old Japanese lady at the bakery shop who was giving out free bread, which made my heart 33 . A middle-aged Japanese man was holding a sign that said, “Please use our34 .” He was35 his house for people to go to the restroom.

My friend wanted to 36 others. He stood in the cold with a sign “If you are okay with a motorcycle, I will37 you to your house.” And then I saw him take one gentleman home, all the way to faraway place!

Then the next day I drove to 38 my car with gas. There was a 39 gas now and many gasoline stations were either closed or had very 40 lines. I got 41 ,since I was behind 15 cars. Finally, when it was my 42 , the man smiled and said, “ 43 this situation, we are only giving $ 30 worth gas per person. Is that alright?” “Of course, I’m just glad that we are all able to 44 ,” I said. His smile gave me so much 45 .

I saw a man at the evacuation (疏散) center 46 when people brought food to him, It was the first time in three days that food has been brought to their center. However, after he wiped the tears, his next 47 surprised me. “I am very 48 that we are provided with food. But people in the city next to us haven’t49 any food at all. Please go to that centre as well.” And when hearing that, I realized there is a bright future on the other side of this 50 .

31.A.traffic B.rescue C.communication D.businesses

32.A.missed B.caught C.noticed D.heard

33.A.hungry B.soft C.broken D.warm

34.A.toilet B.hotel C.hospital D.house

35.A.advertising B.opening C.repairing D.decorating

36.A.encourage B.save C.charge D.assist

37.A.drive B.follow C.lead D.send

38.A.start B.fill C.check D.wash

39.A.plenty B.lack C.variety D.diversity

40.A.directB.straight C.long D.short

41.A.worried B, lucky C.excited D.annoyed

42.A.timeB.turn C.dutyD.decision

43.A.Apart from B.Together with C.Because of D.Instead of

44.A.share B.offer C.tolerateD.transform

45.A.comfort B.pleasure C.trouble D.entertainment

46.A.waiting B.grabbing C.sleeping D.crying

47.A.promisesB.roles C.actionsD.remarks

48.A.upset B.grateful C.surprised D.proud

49.A.bought B.supplied C.preparedD.received

50.A.city B, center C.lesson D.disaster




“Now ,”Mrs. Virginia DeView said, smiling, “we are going to discover our professions .”

The class seems to be greatly surprised. Our professions? We were only 13 and 14 years old! The teacher must be _36 _. “Yes, you will all be searching for your future37 . Each of you will have to38 someone in your field, plus give an oral report.” Each day in her class, Virginia DeView reminded us about this. Finally, I picked print journalism. This _39_ I had to go to interview a true-blue newspaper reporter. I was extremely nervous. I sat down in front of him_40_ able to speak. He looked at me and said, “Did you bring a pencil or pen?”

I shook my head.

“How about some41_ ?”

I shook my head again .

Finally , I thought he realized I was42 , and I got my first big tip as a 43 : “Never,never go anywhere without a pen and paper. You never know what you’ll run into. ”After a few days, I gave my oral report totally from44in class. I got an A on the entire project.

Years later, I was in college looking around for a new career, but with no success. Then I _45 _Virginia DeView and my desire at 13 to be a journalist. And I called my parents. They didn’t __46__me. They just reminded me how competitive the field was and47all my life I had to run away from competition. This was true. But journalism did something to me; it was in my blood. _48__gave me the freedom to go up to total strangers and ask what was49 .

For the past 12 years, I’ve had the most satisfying reporting career, __50 __ stories from murders to airplane crashes and51 choosing my strongest area. 52 _ I went to pick up my phone one day, an incredible wave of memories hit me and I realized that had it not been __53__Virginia DeView, I would not be sitting at that desk.

I get 54 all the time: “How did you pick journalism?”

“Well, you see, there was a teacher…”I just wish I could 55 her.

A. goodB. mad C. carelessD. curious

A. university B. family C. professionsD. life

A. interview B. find outC. admire D. learn from

A. expressed B. orderedC. expectedD. meant

A. hardlyB. nearly C. naturallyD. eagerly

A. drinkB. newspapersC. preparations D. paper

A. satisfied B. comfortable C. terrifiedD. sorry

A. studentB. journalistC. teacherD. writer

A. research B. books C. imaginationD. memory

A. calledB. recognizedC. remembered D. visited

A. answerB. promiseC. stop D. persuade

A. howB. whetherC. why D. when

A. It B. Virginia DeView C. My parentsD. My oral report

A. breaking in B. getting downC. falling offD. going on

A. making up B. listening toC. coveringD. writing

A. of course B. finally C. doubtfullyD. in all

A. WhenB. As long as C. Once D. On condition

A. forB. with C. of D. to

A. hurtB. excitedC. disappointed D. asked

55.A. respectB. supportC. thank D. favor

III 完形填空36-40 BCADA41-45 DCBDC46-50 CAADC 51-55 BAADC



When you are learning languages, what do you think is the most interesting? One of the most interesting of all studies is the study of words and word origins.Each language is __21__ of several earlier languages and the words of a language can sometimes be traced __22__ through two or three different languages to their __23__.Again a word from one language may pass into other languages and __24__ a new meaning.The word “etiquette,” which is __25__ French origin and originally meant a label (标志), __26__ a sign, passed into Spanish and kept its original meaning.So in Spanish the word “etiquette” today is used to __27__ the small tags (标签) which a store __28__ to a suit, a dress or a bottle.The word “etiquette” in French, __29__, gradually developed a different meaning.It __30__ became the custom to write directions on small cards, or “etiquette”, as to how visitors should dress themselves and __31__ during an important ceremony at the royal court.__32__ the word “etiquette” began to indicate a system of correct manners for people to follow.__33__ this meaning, the word passed into English.

Consider the word “breakfast”.“To fast” is to go for some period of time without __34__.Thus in the morning after many hours __35__ the night without food, one __36__ one’s fast.

Consider the everyday English __37__ “Good-bye”.Many many years ago, people would say to each __38__ on parting “God be with you.” As this was __39__ over and over millions of times, it gradually became __40__ to “Good-bye”.

21.A.collectedB.made C.composedD.contained

22.A.toB.onC.in D.back

23.A.ends B.backgrounds C.bases D.origins

24.A..pick B.develop C.changeD.choose

25.A.ofB.with C.on D.by

26.A.with B.and C.or D.for

27.A.showB.designC.hold D.indicate

28.A.lays B.attaches C.binds D.gives

29.A.howeverB.moreover C.therefore D.furthermore

30.A.late B.lately C.later D.latest

31.A.respond B.prepare C.actD.follow

32.A.Thus B.Also C.Yet D.Nevertheless

33.A.After B.With C.OfD.For

34.A.sleeping B.working C.eatingD.talking


36.A.breaksB.continues C.remembers D.forgets

37.A.statementB.expressionC.proverb D.conversation

38.A.other B.personC.one D.member

39.A.reproduced B.revisedC.reviewedD.retold


21----25 CDDBA 26----30 CDBAC31----35 CABCB36----40 ABADD



One day I visited an art museum while waiting for my husband to finish a business meeting.I was expecting a quiet 36 of the splendid artwork.

A young 37 viewing the paintings ahead of me 38 nonstop between themselves.

I watched them a moment and decided the lady was doing all the talking.I admired the man's 39 for putting up with her 40 stream of words. 41 by their noise,I moved on.

I met them several times as I moved 42 the various rooms of art.Each time I heard her continuous flow of words,I moved away 43.

I was standing at the counter of the museum gift shop making a 44 when the couple approached the 45.Before they left,the man 46 into his pocket and pulled out a white object.He 47 it into a long stick and then 48 his way into the coatroom to get his wife's jacket.

“He's a 49 man.”the clerk at the counter said.“Most of us would give up if we were blinded at such a young age.During his recovery,he made a promise his life wouldn't change.So,as before,he and his wife come in 50 there is a new art show.”

“But what does he get out of the art?”I asked.“He can't see.”

“Can't see!You're 51 .He sees a lot.More than you and I do,”the clerk said.“His wife 52 each painting so he can see it in his head.”

I learned something about patience, 53 and love that day.I saw the patience of a young wife describing paintings to a person without 54 and the courage of a husband who would not 55 blindness to change his life.And I saw the love shared by two people as I watched this couple walk away,their arms intertwined.

36.A.touch B.view C.wander D.scenery

37.A.ladyB.man C.couple D.clerk

38.A.chattedB.argued C.screamedD.yelled

39.A.attemptB.independence C.wisdom D.patience

40.A.vivid B.constantC.casual D.exciting

41.A.AdoptedB.Adapted C.Conducted D.Disturbed

42.A.throughB.toC.towards D.from 43.A.anxiously B.slowly C.quickly D.sensibly


45.A.entrance B.exit C.frontD.queue

46.A.pluggedB.held C.reached D.bent

47.A.madeB.lengthened C.brought D.broadened

48.A.led B.foundC.forced D.tapped

49.A.brave B.roughC.smartD.generous

50.A.wherever B.whateverC.whichever D.whenever

51.A.wrong B.sillyC.equalD.unique

52.A.describes B.drawsC.showsD.decorates

53.A.kindness B.prideC.enthusiasm D.courage


55.A.get B.hope C.allowD.cause

36-40 BCADB41-45 DACCB 46-50 CBDAD 51-55 AADBC



My husband and I were cleaning windows together yesterday. We have the double-hung(双吊钩) 36 that you can pull forward and flip(翻转), allowing us to 37 the inside and the outside surfaces.

My husband was38one window - and it popped out (跳出)of its frame! Well, our 39is for sale and the last thing we needed was for something to40 .

He was so41and tried with all his strength to get it42together, using a few less than pleasant words (I am sorry to say). After twenty minutes he still could not get it43 . That's when my 23-year- old44told his dad to45for a minute and he would try to fix it with me.

It's amazing how you can see things more clearly and do things more 46when you are 47 . He and I fixed the window in three minutes! I called my husband in to see! He couldn't48it!

I know this isn't really a gift49 , in a way, it was. My son50 my husband, to leave to cool down, and 51him from the worry for a moment. And my son fixing it with me was a52 to me, because I saw him as a man53the kid he always seems to be in my 54 . Calm is good. Breathe through difficult times and maybe even take a break from stressful times. Return with a clear mind and things will usually55much better!

36.A.windows B.tables C.chairs D.doors

37.A.dryB.cleanC.smooth D.destroy

38.A.painting B.repairing C.washing D.changing

39.A.carB.homeC.house D.funning

40.A.flyB.loseC.dirty D.break

41.A.interested B.delighted C.excited D.worried

42.A.backB.awayC.out D.up

43.A.added B.fixedC.delivered D.separated

44.A.sonB.nephew C.student D.daughter

45.A.Put away B.take away C.walk away D.give away

46.A.easily B.slowly C.difficultly D.fortunately

47.A.frightened B.nervous C.equal D.calm

48.A.satisfy B.believe C.doubt D.hate

49.A.butB.andC.so D.or

50.A.promised B.ordered C.forced D.asked

51.A.keptB.freedC.saved D.protected

53.A.surprise B.wonder C.gift D.hurt

53.A.near to B.alongC.except for D.instead of

54.A.eyesB.handC.turn D.power




Last Christmas while staying with my parents, I36across some old love letters that my parents wrote to each other. These letters were all piled up in a basket, dirty and37with dust. Deciding to read and sort them, I asked them if I could take the letters back to my Illinois home. They38 .

As I carefully opened each letter, of them fragile with age, I discovered a new page 40unknown to me in this private chapter of my parents' lives.

My father used to in the army. So his letters were full of frontline of the things about the war. Each of my mother's letters was marked with her 1944 dark red lipstick kiss. I was to these letters like a magnet(磁铁).

Just six weeks after our Christmas visit, Daddy became very44and was hospitalized. This time, he was fighting a45kind of war. As I sat by his bedside, we discussed the46 . He told me how much receiving those lipstick-kissed letters had47 to him when he had been so far from home.

It so happened that the next day would be February 14. From the letters I chose the card my father had sent Mother in 1944 and brought it to my father’s bedside.

At his bedside, I joked with him, saying , "Today is Valentine's Day, don’t you want to send Mother a present?" He became more when I handed him the old . He carefully opened it and took out the card, and when he it, his eyes were filled with tears.

My father, in a tight with emotion (情感) read the loving message he'd sent to my mother fifty-six years . And this time, he could read it to her in55 .

36. A. cameB. hitC. drew D. fell

37. A. hiddenB. covered C. buried D. filled

38. A. refusedB. smiledC. shockedD. agreed

39. A. all B. noneC. both D. neither

40. A. recentlyB. usually C. previouslyD. occasionally

41. A. workB. studyC. serve D. report

42. A. accounts B. documents C. introductions D. occupations

43. A. devotedB. addicted C. thrownD. drawn

44. A. sadB. deadC. dangerousD. ill

45. A. typicalB. traditional C. differentD. familiar

46. A. warsB. illnesses C. letters D. hospitals

47. A. meantB. intended C. plannedD. said

48. A. dividedB. sortedC. separatedD. updated

49. A. sadlyB. angrily C. softly D. loudly

50. A. curiousB. enthusiastic C. fantasticD. positive

51. A. cardB. envelope C. basket D. lipstick

52. A. foundB. wroteC. recognizedD. missed

53. A. soundB. noiseC. whisperD. voice

54. A. laterB. earlierC. ago D. ahead

55. A. personB. privateC. danger D. peace

36—40 ABDAC 41—45 CADDC46—50 CABCA51—55 BCDBA


A组 2016~2014年各省市高考题(改编)

考点一 记叙文 Cloze 1 (2016·全国Ⅲ)

When I was 13 my only purpose was to become the star on our football team.That ,Football season started in September and all summer long I worked out.I carried my football .

Just before September,Miller was struck by a car and lost his right arm.I went to see him after .,but he didn’t cry.

That season,’went 10-1 and I was named most valuable player,blame for Miller’.

One afternoon,I was crossing the field to go home and saw Miller over a fence—which wasn’’m sure I was the last person in the world he wanted to accept from.But even that challenge he him move ,he said to me,“You know,I didn’t tell you this during the season,..”

.I thought to myself,how even without an arm he was more of a leader.Damaged but not defeated,him.From that day on,I grew 1.A.cheering forC.relying on 2.A.coach 3.A.practice4.A.school

B.beating out D.staying with

B.studentC.teacherD.player B.showC.comfortD.pleasure B.vacation




7.A.reported C.organized

B.judged D.watched



8.A.andB.then9.A.decision C.accident10.A.stuck11.A.steady12.A.praiseC.assistance13.A.let

B.mistake D.sacrifice B.hurt



B.hard C.funB.advice D.apology



B.ready D.safe B.wrong D.normally


14.A.dropped C.trapped 15.A.fine C.quickly

16.A.usB.yourselfC.meD.them 17.A.memoriesC.attitudes

B.ideas D.dreams

C.yetD.just B.cured


D.admired B.bigger D.cooler

20.A.healthier C.cleverer

Cloze 2 (2015·新课标全国Ⅰ)

My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekend.On the way,we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said,“ my job.Family to Feed.”

At this store,a like this is not normal.My 10-year-old noticed him and made aon how bad it must be to have to stand in the cold wind.

In the store,I asked each of my kids to something they thought our “friend” there would .They got apples,a sandwich and a bottle of juice.Then my 17-year-old suggested giving him a .I thought about it.We were on cash ourselves,but... well,sometimes from our need instead of our abundance is what we need to do!All the kidssomething they could do away with for the week.

When we handed him the bag of ,he lit up and thanked us with eyes.When I handed him the gift card,saying he could use it for his family might need,he burst into tears.

This has been a wonderful for our family.For days the kids have been looking for others we can !Things would have played out so if I had simply said,“No,we really don't have to give more.” Stepping out not only helped a brother in ,it also gave my kids the taste of helping others.It'll go a long way with them.

1.A.Lost C.Quit

B.Changed D.Finished

2.A.condition C.sight



3.A.suggestion C.decision

B.comment D.call B.proudly D.angrily

4.A.outside C.by

5.A.draw C.arrange 6.A.order




D.discover B.job

C.appreciate 7.A.dollar C.hot meal 8.A.easyC.soft

D.gift card

B.low D.loose B.saving D.begging

9.A.giving C.spending

10.A.yet C.still

B.even D.just B.sharedD.expected B.medicine D.clothes

11.A.declared C.ignored 12.A.toys C.food

13.A.sleepy C.curious 14.A.whoever C.whichever

B.watery D.sharp B.whateverD.whenever

15.A.experience B.example C.message

D.adventure B.respect


16.A.rely on C.learn from17.A.suddenly C.differently18.A.time C.patience 19.A.fear C.need







B.sweet D.simple

20.A.strong C.strange

Cloze 3 (2015·北京)

A Welcome Gift

Dario and his mother loved their new apartment. The living room was large enough for their piano. That night, the two of them side by side at the piano. They played jazz music to celebrate their new home. The loud filled the room and made them feel very happy.

The next morning, , their happiness disappeared.Someone had left a door during the night. One of their neighbors had written to complain(抱怨) about the sound of the piano. Dario's mother asked the building superintendent(管理员) if he knew anything about it. But he said that they were all people and he couldn't imagine any of them had done that. Later that morning, Dario suggested that they write a letter to their and apologize for their playing.

“Maybe we could go and everyone in person,” his mother said. “What if we invited them to come here for a instead?” Dario asked.

They both loved the Over the next few days, they sent out invitations and prepared desserts their guests. They decorated the apartment with streamers(彩带) and pretty lights.

Finally, the day of the party . Some guests brought presents. Others brought flowers. Some even brought desserts to Dario's mother with a book of piano music by Chopin.

“I heard you playing the other night,”she said,“The sounds woke me out of bed.I that you might play like this every night. So I wrote a short note. I hope you don't think I disliked the playing.”

Dario's mother smiled at Mrs. Gilbert. “I think maybe we you an apology,” she said.“I didn't how late it was when we were playing. Maybe we should play some quieter music at night.”

“You play, you play!” Mrs. Gilbert said.“I like what you play! Just not so loud at night.” She pointed to the book she had given them. “These songs are not such music.”

“These songs are beautiful music,” Dario's mother said.“We will beto play them in the evening.”

“And we won't play so loud or late!” Dario said.He was already looking forward tothe new music.More than that, however, he was happy to see the big smile on his mother's face. It gave him a feeling of and made him feel that they were home at last.


B.stoodD.walked B.ringD.cry

2.A.voice C.music





There was a little boy visiting his grandparents on their farm. And he was given a slingshot(S单弓) to play with out in the woods. He _ 21 in the woods,22he could never hit the 23 .And getting a little discouraged, he headed back to dinner.

As he was walking back he saw Grandma's pet duck. Just out of impulse (冲动), he let fly, hit the duck square in the head, and killed it. He was shocked and felt very sorry.In a panic, he hid the 24

duck in the wood pile, only to see his sister 25 .Sally had seen it all, but she said nothing.

After lunch that day grandma said, “Sally, let’s wash the dishes.” But Sally said, “Grandma, Johnny told me he wanted to help in the26today, didn't you, Johnny?" And then she whispered to him, “Remember, the duck?"

So Johnny27 the dishes. Later Grandpa asked if the children wanted to go

fishing, and 28 said, " I’m sorry but I need Sally to help make29 ." But Sally 30 and said, “Well, that's all right because Johnny told me he wanted to help," and she whispered31 ,“Remember, the duck?" So Sally went fishing and Johnny 32 .

After several days of Johnny doing 33 his various small tasks and Sally's, he

34 .couldn't stand it any longer.He came to Grandma and35 that he killed the duck.She bent down, gave him a36, and said, “Sweetheart,37 . You see, I was standing at the window and I saw the38 thing. But because I love you, I forgave you. But I was just wondering how 39you would let Sally make a slave 40 you." 21.A.walked 22.A.or 23.A.bird

B.played B.and B.target

C.practiced C.so C.duck

D.aimed D.but D.woods

24.A.dead 25.A.surveying 26.A.toilet 27.A.watched 28.A.Grandma 29.A.cook 30.A.laughed 31.A.again 32.A.followed 33.A. all 34.A.secondly 35.A.lied 36.A. beat 37.A.I know 38.A.other 39.A./ 40.A.of 【参考答案】完形填空

B.square B.noticing B.kitchen B.dropped B.Grandpa B.lunch B.smiled B.only B.stayed B.either B.firstly B.denied B.pet B.you know B.whole B.much B.for

C.dying C.observing C.living-room C.did C.Johnny C.supper C.cried C.twice

D.living D.watching D.fields D.made D.Sally D.breakfast D.wept D.loudly

C.remembered D.boated C.neither C.finally C.admitted C.surprise C.he knows C.funny C.many C.from

D.both D.thirdly D.spoke D.hug D.she knows D.dull D.long D.into



If you want to learn a new language, the very first thing to think about is why.Do you need it for a__41__reason, such as your job or your studies?__42__perhaps you're interested in the__43__,films or music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have a__44__of the language.

Most people learn best using a variety of__45__, but traditional classes are an ideal(理想的)start for many people.They__46__an environment where you can practice under the __47__ of someone who's good at the language.We all lead __48__ lives and learning a language takes__49__.You will have more success if you study regularly,

so try to develop a__50__.It doesn't matter if you haven't got long.Becoming fluent in a language will take years, but learning to get by takes__51__.

Many people start learning a language and soon give up.“I'm too__52__,” they say.Yes, children do learn languages more __53__ than adults, but research has shown that you can learn a language at any__54__.And learning is good for the health of your brain, too.I've also heard people__55__ about the mistakes they make when__56__.Well, relax and laugh about your mistakes __57__you're much less likely to make them again. Learning a new language is never __58__.But with some work and devotion, you'll make progress.And you'll be __59__by the positive reaction of some people when you say just a few words in __60__ own language.Good luck!

【语篇解读】 该篇文章属于说明文,主要进述了学语言的原因。学好语言的方式:班级授课及经常练习,个人学习语言的态度,即从不放弃,专心致志。 41.A.technical B.political C.practical D.physical

解析 根据your job or your studies可知,需要学习语言是出于“实际,实用”。technical“技术的”,political“政治的”,physical“身体的”。 答案 C

42.A.After B.So C.Though D.Or 解析 or表示“选择”关系,“或者”。 答案 D

43.A.literature B.transport C.agriculture D.medicine 解析 根据film,music可知,语言与文学有关。 答案 A

44.A.view B.knowledge C.form D.database

解析 a knowledge of“(掌握)某一方面的知识”。句意:掌握该语言对你的帮助有多大。 答案 B

45.A.paintings C.methods

B.regulations D.computers

解析 句意:使用多种多样的学习方法,人们能学得更好,但是传统的班级授课制仍对于许多初学者是最好的起点。根据traditional classes可知,该空应为“学习方式(方法)”。 答案 C

46.A.protect B.change C.respect D.provide

解析 句意:班级授课提供了在擅长语言的人指导下进行练习的环境。protect“保护”,change“改变”,respect“尊重”,provide“提供”。 答案 D

47.A.control B.command C.guidance D.pressure

解析 under the guidance of“在??指导下”。control“控制”,command“命令”,pressure“压力”。 答案 C

48.A.busy B.happy C.simple D.normal

解析 句意:我们人人过着忙碌的生活。busy“繁忙的”,happy“幸福的”,simple“简朴的”,normal“正常的”。 答案 A

49.A.courage B.time C.energy D.place

解析 learning a language takes time.学习语言需要时间,从下文take years可推知。 答案 B

50.A.theory B.business C.routine D.project

解析 句意:如果你能定期学习,你将会取得更大的进步,所以你应努力养成一种习惯。由regularly可推知。 答案 C

51.A.some risks C.some notes

B.a lot less D.a lot more

解析 句意:语言说得流利会需要好几年的时间,但勉强将就则会需要少得多。根据but可知。 答案 B

52.A.old B.nervous C.weak D.tired

解析 根据下文可知,该空应填入与“年龄”有关的词。 答案 A

53.A.closely B.quickly C.privately D.quietly

解析 句意:孩子学习语言的确要比成年人快。closely“密切地”,quickly“快速地”,privately“私人地”,quietly“静静地”。 答案 B

54.A.age B.speed C.distance D.school

解析 句意:但是研究表明,你在任何年龄都可以学习语言。age“年龄”,speed“速度”,distance“距离”,school“学校”。 答案 A

55.A.worry B.hesitate C.think D.quarrel 解析 worry about“担心”。 答案 A

56.A.singing B.working C.bargaining D.learning

解析 句意:我也听说过人们担心他们在学习中犯错。 答案 D

57.A.if B.and C.but D.before

解析 句意:放松并嘲笑自己的错误,你将会少犯这些错误。该处考查连词的用法。 答案 B

58.A.tiresome B.hard C.interesting D.easy

解析 句意:学习一种新语言从不是轻松的。根据下文but可推知。 答案 D 59.A.blamed C.interrupted

B.amazed D.informed

解析 句意:在你能用别人的语言说出几个单词时,你将会对别人积极的回应感到惊讶。blame“责备”,amaze“惊讶”,interrupt“打断”,inform“告知”。 答案 B

60.A.their B.his C.our D.your 解析 根据上文some people可推知。 答案 A


说明文是用说明的方式介绍人或事物、解释事理的一种文体。说明文体裁的完形填空的最显著的特点是: 1.开头点题

做说明文体裁的完形填空时,要明确说明的对象是什么,是具体的实物还是理论性概念。因此,明确说明的对象是掌握说明细节的前提。在近几年的说明文体裁的完形填空题中,作者一般在文章的首句直接点明要说明的对象。 2.结构清晰

把握语篇特征对理解文意与答题极为有利。说明文的写作一般按时间顺序(先后顺序等),空间顺序(从局部到整体,从上到下,从内到外等),逻辑顺序(前因后果,先果后因,先主后次等),认知顺序(由此及彼,由浅入深,由具体到抽象,由现象到本质等)。 在做说明文体裁的完形填空时,应当特别留意以下几点: 1.通过短文首尾句抓主旨

通读全文,看它是属于说明事物的说明文还是说明事理的说明文;是单纯说明类的说明文还是说明加叙述类的说明文。而尾句往往是文章的结论或点睛之笔,由此可知,抓住开篇启示作用的首句和总结概括性的尾句是很必要的。 2.关注段落间的内在联系


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