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篇一:Gap between the Rich and the Poor in China

Gap between the Rich and the Poor in China

Now there is a widespread concern(广泛关注) in china over the widening gap between the rich and the poor. We are surprised to learn that a pop singer can make over a hundred thousand Yuan for one performance overnight, while it may take an average farmer his lifetime to earn that much.

The cause lies in three aspects. First, the gap is the result of the economic reform(经济体制改革). Some seize the opportunities and become millionaires by working hard and meanwhile the slow development in agriculture hinders(阻碍) the farmers from raising their living standards and the closedown of many state-owned(国营) enterprises renders the jobless poverty-stricken.

Second, the current distributing(分配)of income is not scientific and reasonable, thus widening the income difference.

Third, while most make money honestly, there are some dishonest(不诚实) businessmen and government officials who have accumulated large fortunes by illegal(违法的)ways.

To narrow the gap, the government should take effective actions to help the poor, and meanwhile strictly enforce(严格实施) laws to eliminate corruption(腐败) in government. On the other hand, reform on income distribution should be carried out and strict income taxation(税) should be made more workable and effective to narrow people's income gap. And finally, the traditional "law of value" and "principle (原则)of more pay for more work" should have their final say.

To admit or to forbid?

Gay marriage has been hotly debated in the news in recent years. While many people still oppose gay marriage on religious grounds, and its influence on offspring and health. But in my mind, gay marriage should be legislated. Three points can support it.

First, gay marriage is a kind of human right. On one hand, Homosexuality is neither a disorder nor a disease, but rather a normal variant of human sexual orientation. In essential psychological respects, these relationships are equivalent to heterosexual relationships. On the other hand, all the people have the right to choose his or her marriage style. It is ueasonable to forbid or discriminate other people’s choice.

Second, some opponents may stress that because gay marriage can’t give birth to children. While the 21st century is a time of population explosion, it is unnecessary to worry the decreasing in population, moreover. Besides, homosexual person only take up 5%-10% in the whole population, so they aren’t take the leading role. There will be more stable homes for the children of gay parents and less trauma in families with gay offspring.

Third, as for the healthy problem, we should look it objectively. Those homosexual people are adults who can take care of themselves, so they can do well in protecting themselves from AIDS, and anyhow, it hasn’t empirical evidence to show that gay marriage will leads AIDS. Marriage is good for all men, whether homosexual or heterosexual, because engaging in its social roles reduces men's aggression and promiscuity. To some extent, it even reduces the risk of HIV infection.

In a word, homosexuality is a kind of human nature which should be admitted. And to protect this human right, it is not a place for us to discriminate or forbid it. Genetically Modified Foods: Pros vs. Cons

The recent years have seen the wide spread of genetically modified foods. There are different advantages and disadvantages of GM foods below.

Benefits Of GM Foods

More Food .Genetically modified foods produce higher crop yields, and so some have proposed it as a solution to solving hunger in developing countries.

Reduced Need for Pesticides. Farmers do not need to use as much pesticides and herbicides on the crops, thereby reducing harm to the environment.

Better Food Quality. Genetic engineers can cause a fruit or vegetable to stay fresher for longer, extending its shelf life. They can also be engineered to withstand years of drought or other weather extremes while still providing a good crop yield. Engineers can also add essential vitamins to the food that are lacking.

Drawbacks Of GM Foods

Greater Allergy Risk. An allergy presents a risk in genetically modifying foods. If engineers take a gene from one food and use it in another, it could trigger an allergy in the person who is allergic to the first food and didn't realize it was in the second as well.

Destabilization of Ecosystem. Genetically modifying foods could harm other organisms and upset the balance in the ecosystem. The GM crops could also be toxic for organisms.

Creation of New Diseases. Some modification involves bacteria and viruses, so some people worry that this engineering could create new diseases. Also, pests could absorb the gene in the genetically modified crop and become resistant to sprays and other means of eliminating them.

In my opinion, GM food does more good than harm. As the further development of technology and moderate use of it, maybe we can eliminate the bad effect step by step.

篇二:Gap between the rich and the poor

Gap between the rich and the poor





The gap between the rich and the poor is an universal phenomenon in China. While China continues to amaze the outside world with its stories of rapid economic growth ,gap between the rich and the poor has gradually increased year after year.Nowadays,it is necessary to consider the causes and explore the solutions to make China develop better and faster.

There are a variety of reasons leading to the gap between the rich and the poor.What is the main reason is our nation’s reforming and opening.For example,the eastern coastal cities are much richer than western inland cities and cities are richer than countrysides. The state and government put emphasis on eastern coastal cities such as the policy of opening eastern coastal cities.However ,they neglect the development of the cities in west.The gap between cities and countrysides is no exception.In addition,the success or failure of investment、the unfairness of distribution and Corruption can all lead to the gap between the rich and the poor.

How to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor?What is the most important is the government should control the gap by the macro-control system.For example,government should increase the investment on the social security system.And government should establish a set of incentive system to encourage the rich taking more money to repay the society.On the other hand,it is necessary to take actions to build countryside and the western cities better.




2010.01.09 国际援助

Some people believe that the charity organisations should give aid to those in greatest need,wherever they live. Some people believe that the charity organisations would better concentrate on helping people who live in own country instead. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


1.援助各国有利于社会资源的共享 (share the range of sources) ,尤其有助于帮助经济落后国家(underdeveloped countries)或是经历变故的国家 (civil uest / natural disaster)

2.援助各国更符合慈善的目的(in line with the origin of charity), 因为慈善本身就是没有地域限制的, 初衷就是帮助所有需要帮助的人。


1. 资金有限 (the scarcity) ,慈善组织的金钱来源主要靠社会的捐助,其财力也是很有限的。

2. 地域差异 (regional difference) ,不同的国家有不同的国情如风俗习惯,慈善组织不可能做到对每个国家的具体情况进行了解。但是,慈善组织对本国的情况最熟悉,因此所进行的援助也就最有效果。


In today's world, it is private companies rather than government who pay for and carry out most on scientific research. Do you think advantages outweigh the disadvantages


1企业.研发的积极性高( profit incentive, motivation)。因为在效益的激发下企业进行科研的动力更足。

2.企业科研目的较为功力(utilitarian),更多的是考虑短期的效益(immediate profits)进行短线投资(short-term investment),不利于科学研究健康发展 。

3.企业研发的资源有限,仅局限于企业内部(within the scope of isolated private researchers),不利于科研的进行。即使有了研发的成果,企业也会独享 (be controlled by a single group)。


1.政府做科研以做学问为目的(for the sake of knowledge), 以促进国家科研进步为目的,因此眼光更为长远(in the long term),研究更为系统可持续(systematic and sustainable)。

2.政府做科研整个社会的资源都可以利用,知识共享,人才共享 (mass collaborative project)

研发的成果也能在全社会共享(publicly shared),对整个社会的发展更有利。

3.政府研发的规模大,有可能会造成部分研究人员工作不够主动积极(free ride)。政府投入人力物力成本高,会加重政府的财政负担(on the tight budget)。


The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider. The rich richer, the poor even poorer. What problems can the situation cause and give the solutions.


1.贫富差距扩大必然造成社会凝聚力下降 (social cohesion)。社会凝聚力主要就是只一个国家民众的团结程度。穷人越来越穷,甚至不能温饱(survival); 富人财富积累的越来越庞大,生活奢侈腐化(in a luxury way), 占用更多社会资源,必然会导致穷人对富人的不满,甚至仇视敌对(hostility)。

2.贫富差距扩大很有可能促使更多暴力犯罪出现(crime rate )。一方面,犯罪的主要诱因是金钱。低收入者没有一技之长,生活温饱得不到保障,就极为容易铤而走险,抢劫偷盗(theft, robbery, burglary)。另一方面,穷人对富人的敌视情绪,容易使其对富人采取过激行为(in a radical way)。

3.贫富差距扩大势必会降低社会流动性(social mobility )。社会流动性主要是指民众在不同社会阶层间的流动,具体来说就是上一代人的收入对下一代人的影响。贫穷对后代的影响,首先带来的是子女的教育问题,而现代社会一个没有受过良好教育的人是很难立足的,这样必然会造成恶性循环(vicious circle)。


1. 解决贫富差距扩大的问题,首先要加快国家的经济发展。只有国家财政(fiscal income)宽裕了,才有能力加大社会保障性(social security)的投入。

2. 解决贫富差距扩大的问题,同时要促进民众就业,提高职工收入 (employment, incomes for working families)。

3. 解决贫富差距扩大的问题,政府减轻低收入者纳税负担,增高高收入者缴税额 (tax relief )

4. 解决贫富差距扩大的问题,政府要严惩腐败(curruption)。

5. 解决贫富差距扩大的问题,实行超额累进税(progressive tax in excess of specific amount) 增加富人纳税的金额

G 2010.01.23人口流动

Many people are moving to big cities. Why is that? Do you think it is a good trend ?


1.大城市工作机会多 (employment, promotion)。在大城市有许多大公司大企业(enterprise/company), 岗位多,需要的人才多。

2.大城市基础设施完善 ( basic facilities)。在大城市,学校的教学质量,医疗(medical care)的服务质量都较高,公共交通也比较完善,因此,生活质量比较高。

3.大城市有丰富的娱乐生活 ( entertainment ),尤其对于年轻人,城市的生活是很有吸引力的。


1. 居住压力(housing)。城市人口密度大(high-density),土地开发面积(housing developing)有限,因此住房短缺(housing shortage)严重。

2. 治安压力(security)。外地人口涌入城市(inflow of new residents)容易引发与当地人的矛盾,同时,人口流动性(mobility)加大会加大治安的管理难度。

3. 交通压力 ( traffic jam)。城市人口增多必然会加重城市交通的负担(heavy traffic),更容易引起交通拥堵的问题(traffic congestion),不利于民众的出行。

2010.01.30 反社会行为

Today there is a great increase in anti-social behavior and lack of respect to others. What might have caused this situation? How to improve it?


1. 贫富差距拉大是反社会行为增多主要原因 ( rich-poor gap)。穷人对富人的敌视情绪,容易使其对富人采取过激行为(in a radical way)。

2. 媒体暴力情节增多是反社会行为增多催化剂(violence)。 媒体暴力尤其是通过网络传播的暴力对于青少年的行为影响最大,因为会有很多年轻人会花很多时间上网,并且由于他们的年龄特征很喜欢去模仿(imitate)。

3. 学校道德教育的淡化是反社会行为增多促进因素(morality education)。青少年的道德教育除了父母的言传身教外(parenting),主要就靠学校的教育了(schooling)。


1. 减少反社会行为,首先政府要改善弱势群体的生存状况 ( the disadvantaged),提高社会保障的水平,提高民众的福利(social wealfare)。

2. 减少反社会行为,其次文化管理部门要加强对大众媒体的管理和监督(scrutiny),删除不良信息(unhealthy information)。

3. 减少反社会行为,再次学校应当调整教学内容(adjust teaching content),重视对学生道德和社会责任感的教育(social responsibility)。



Air travel can only benefit the richest people in the world. Ordinary people can get no advantage with the development of air travel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

? 与其他交通工具(other means of travel)相比,飞机有不可比拟的优势(inimitable


? 富有的人会更有可能选择使用飞机,甚至有些人拥有私人飞机。

? 随着技术的发展(technological development),飞机已经更加省油(fuel-efficient),使用



Some people think that politicians have the greatest influence on the world. Other people, however, believe that scientists have the greatest influence. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


? 保障法律和公共秩序的实施(enforcement of law and public order)。

? 提供福利(welfare)社会保障(social security)和医疗保健 (health care systems),为有

困难的人(people are unable to support themselves)提供经济援助(financial assistance),包括退休和残疾人的福利(retirement and disability benefits)、失业工人的福利(unemployment benefits),政府援助可以减少社会压力(release the pressure of society),并最终帮助这些人获得生存能力(gain the ability to survive)。

? 保障公共运输(public transportation)和公共服务(public services)。

? 提供国际援助,有助于促进和平稳定(peace and security), 促进各个领域的交流(cultural,

economic and social interaction)。


? 生产效率提高,提高生产力(improve productivity),使人们有更多的娱乐时间,生活更

加丰富(leisure lives have been eiched)。

? 高科技促进人们的创造力发展,增加人们的应变能力(improve one’s ability and cope with

change )。

? 促进信息交流和贸易往来(promote trade activity across the border)。


Most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development, however, others think social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?


? 经济发展有益于人们身心健康和专业知识提高(economic development may benefit us

physically, psychologically and professionally):人们收入增加(rising wages),生活水平提高(higher standards of living),可以支付起更多的娱乐活动(able to afford recreational activities),在休闲的时间里放松自己(relax themselves in their spare time),

? 人们可以通过网络做很多事情,比如购物(shopping)和处理个人财务(banking),不



? 快节奏的生活使人与人之间的交流减少(personal interaction reduces), 人们很难保持和

改善与朋友亲人的关系(hard to maintain and improve relations with friends and family members),这对社会和家庭有负面影响(detrimental to family life and social relations within or outside of work)。

? 还有可能养成不运动的生活习惯(sedentary lifestyle)。


Technological progress in the past century has its negative effect, despite its remarkable contribution. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


? 人们获得信息的渠道增多,如网络,手机,电子图书馆,电视(internet, mobile phone,

electronic library ,television),知识更加丰富。

? 现代科技,如汽车,飞机,铁路的普及(the popularity of automobile, air travel and rail)

减少了人们在路途上奔波的时间(spend less time commuting); 电脑和自动化等设备(computerization and automation)使人们更快更有效完成工作,休闲时间更多。

? 提高效率,生产力,使得农业化向工业化转变(make a transition from agriculture to



? 人们工作节奏加快,需要不断的接受教育和培训(continue education and receive

on-the-job training),以适应新科技带来的变化(keep pace with the fast development of technology),人们因此更加繁忙。

? 人们喜欢上网(surf the Internet),过分依赖网络做其他事情(rely excessively on the

Internet for running errands)不愿意外出,和外界的联系减少。

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