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Hello, everyone. Today, my topic is Beijing International Film Festival.

First of all, I will introduce something about it. Beijing International Film Festival was founded in 2011, and it is sponsored by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television. This festival is aimed at Integrating domestic and international film resources, building a large platform for displaying, communication and trading and making Beijing a new film center of the world. So we can use four words to conclude the characteristics of this film festival, they are international, professional, advanced and creative.

As we all know, Beijing is always the center of China in all ages, no matter in political or economic sense. What’s more, along with rapid development in almost all aspects, Beijing definitely has enough strength and experience to hold this kind of activity. By Beijing international film festival, we can show our Chinese traditional culture to people in the world, strength international communication and cooperation. Also, we can promote the development of our Chinese film. Most importantly, this activity will provide a feast for the eyes, because people will enjoy hundreds of outstanding films.

On the evening of April 16, the opening ceremony of Beijing International Film Festival had been held in the Temple of Heaven. The director of the opening ceremony integrate Chinese long history since

ancient times and light and shadow that modern technology make. There are a lot of singers and dancers showing an exquisite beyond compare evening. It is worth mentioning that famous pianist Langlang also joined this ceremony.

Beijing international film festival attracts hundreds of domestic and international super stars to walk the red carpet, such as Fan Bingbing and Feng Xiaogang, Liu Yifei, James Cameron and his wife, the director of Titanic, Liu Dehua and Ling Zhiling, Zhang Ziyi.

Next part, I will introduce some winners of Beijing international film festival. The best film is Back To 1942. Now you can watch the trailer. Back to 1942 is directed by Feng Xiaogang. Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan and Chen Daoming play main roles in the film. It is a disaster film that during 1942, China was fighting anti-Japanese war. At that time, a sudden drought in henan province force tens of millions of people to leave their home and look for food to survive. This film tries to tell the history from four different viewing angles. They are government, international reporter, priest and drought victims. The government should have taken measures to save the victims. But they do nothing, because they don’t have enough time, money and resources. Japan has put heavy pressure on them. International reporter and priest try to save the victims on their own way. However, the strength of a person is always small. Maybe they can save some people, they can’t save all people. As for the victims, they

can’t protect their property, dignity and even life. However, when no one can help them, they show to us their great wisdom and courage, solve the problems, and then get themselves out of the crisis again and again.

Next winner is Cate Shortland. She got Best Director with the film LORE. Cate Shortland was born in Australia in 1968. Since directing the film called Bad Cop, Bad Cop, she has directed many outstanding films, including Somersault in 2004 and The Silence in 2006.

In addition, Best Actor is Terence Stamp because of his wonderful performance in the film Song for Marion. Chinese actress Yan Bingyan gets Best Actress with the film Wanjianchuanxin. Sorry I don’t know how to translate.

That is all I want to say. Thanks for listening.












Hi! Liu Jing,

My grandpa is going to Beijing next month because he has heard a lot about the city and he would like to see it himself. He says the bus service in Beijing is very good now, and people can go anywhere by bus. Is he right? Can you tell me something more about it? I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours, Tony

Hi! Tony,

I'm glad to know your grandpa is coming to Beijing. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________If you have more questions, please ask me.


Liu Jing


Introduce the good bus service in Beijing


convenient, considerate, fast and cheap 可用结构: 1. so … that …

2. It is + adj./n. for/of sb. to do sth. 3. it is a good idea to do sth. 4. spend some time in doing sth. 5. too … to do sth. 6. be good/bad for…… 连贯词:

并列 both…and…

转折 but/however/whereas/on the other hand 选择 either…or…/or

递进 not only… but also…/what’s more/in addition/ 原因 because/since/as/for 结果

so/therefore/as a result


Your grandpa is right. The bus service in Beijing is really good now. convenient

There are bus lines all over Beijing and buses can take you to every corner of the city. Considerate

Besides, special seats which are painted yellow are offered on buses to make sure the old and young can take the bus safely. Fast

What’s more, the interval between two buses is so short that people do not have to spend a long time waiting for a bus. Cheap

In addition, the price of the tickets is the lowest in China while the service quality of the conductors is the highest.

In a word, I think the bus service in Beijing is convenient, considerate, fast and cheap. I like taking a bus. It’s also good for the environment. So it's a good choice for your grandpa to travel by bus

when he visits Beijing.

Dear Tony,

l'm glad to know your grandpa is coming to Beijing.

Your grandpa is right.. The bus service in Beijing is really good now. There are bus lines all over Beijing and buses can even take you to a small village. Besides, special seats are offered on buses. People do not have to spend a long time waiting for a bus and the tickets are cheap.

I like taking a bus because I think it's comfortable and also good for the environment. So it's a

good choice for your grandpa to travel by bus in Beijing.If you have more questions, please ask me.

如何避免写作中的低级错误 ★一人 ★两态 ★一单 ★一复 ★两写

Liu Jing

篇三:Lesson17 Beijing is Great教学设计

Lesson17 Beijing is Great教学设计


本课是小学《学英语》教材第五册《Lesson 17 Beijing Is Great!》。本学期将要讲述Li Ming、Jenny和Danny到北京旅行的故事。在本课中,Li Ming 计划去北京旅行并邀请Jenny和Danny一起去。要求学生能就旅行进行对话和用英语介绍北京。




trip , Beijing ,hotel


a. Let’s go on a trip.

b. I want to go to ____.

c. I want___ and ___to come.

2. 能力目标

1) 能运用所学句型根据旅行说几句话。

2) 能简单描述北京。

3. 情感目标:







Class Opening and Review

1、Greeting:Hello, boys and girls. How are you today?

2、Chant:What do you like to do?


3.Review:出示标有首都Beijing的中国地图。讨论:Where do we live? What do we speak? What is the capital city of China?

Key Concepts

trip , Beijing ,hotel

Let’s go on a trip. I want to go to ____. I want___ and ___to come.


Teach the word: Beijing.

T: Beijing is the capital city of China. And we had successful Olympics in 2008 in Beijing.I think Beijing is more beautiful now.Oh, I want to go to Beijing.I want to go on a trip to Beijing!教师背上旅行包,带上旅行帽,做出要去旅行的样子,使学生理解trip的含义。出示图片,教学单词trip以及句型Let’s go on a trip.和I want to go to ____.

T: I want to go to Beijing. I want to invite my friends to come. I want___ and ___to come.去问学生:______ ,do you want to come, too?



2、Practice in pairs

Ask and answer: Do you want to go on a trip?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to come,too?


3.T: I know Li Ming wants to go to Beijing,too. Let’s look.

出示问题,播放多媒体课件,学生带着问题观看。然后回答问题检查学生的理解情况。 问题为:Fill in the blanks.

1、Let’s go on a ( ).

2、I want to go to ( ).

3、I want ( ) and ( ) to come, too.

4、T: We want to go on a trip to Beijing. Li Ming wants to go to Beijing, too. Why? S:….

T: Because Beijing in great!




5、T: Yes, Beijing is very good. But do you know there are many other good places in Beijing ? 出示课件,教师向学生介绍北京其他重要的景点和建筑the Great Wall,Beijing Zoo,university,Beihai Park,the Temple of Heaven等等和Bird’s Nest,Water Cube等。


6.T: We know Beijing Olympic games is very successful. Now many foreign friends like to come to China. Do you want to be a volunteer to introduce Beijing or China to them? 学生扮演外国朋友和志愿者编排对话,然后进行展示。

(为学生提供创造性使用英语的机会,使学生在交流和展示中,提高英语能力。) Class Closing

1、T: This lesson you did a good job. I think you are good volunteers. New Beijing,great Olympics.I think Beijing will be better. Now what do you want to say,class?

师生同说“Beijing is great! I like Beijing!”,共同表达对Beijing的热爱。(说出心声,表达爱国之情)



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